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Superconducting Magnetic Separator

The company undertakes the 1.5t magnetic resonance imaging mri superconducting magnet, 5t cryogenic superconducting magnetic separator and vertical ring high gradient magnetic separator in national twelfth five-year technology supporting plan, and 36 products have successively passed the appraisal of provincial and ministerial level.

We are a mining equipment production and sales company, with three production bases and four research institutes, more than 600 production equipment, precision production, and service globally.

  • Superconducting Magnetic Separatorproduct

    Superconducting magnetic separator a superconducting magnet is a future model of the magnet of the copper and aluminum coil in use.A magnet separator that uses superconducting magnet is a convergence technology, which allows separation of waste and removes impurities in a fine and difficult environment by using much higher magnetic fields than the current copper and aluminum electromagnet.

  • Development Of High Magnetic Field Superconducting

    The superconducting magnets on the basis of the conduction-cooled high hts and lower temperature superconductor lts through gm cryocooler are designed, fabricated and operated for the magnetic separator, smes, material processing, gyrotron.

  • Superconducting High Grade Magnetic Separation

    The cryofilter and cryoflow systems represent a new generation of superconducting magnetic separators from carpco for slurry and powder applications, whilst a new system currently under development, cryostream, incorporates mechanical cooling of the magnet, so eliminating the need for liquid helium.The separator offers state-of-the-art.

  • Iron Separator Magnetic Stirrer Magnetic Separator

    We are specializing in manufacturing superconducting magnet, cryogenic superconducting magnetic separation equipment, magnetic iron separator, magnetic separator, magnetic stirrer, ultra-fine grinding and classifying equipment, mining compete set equipment, medical magnetic.

  • Application Of Superconducting Magnetic Separation To

    The superconducting magnetic separator d102 with a reciprocating sorting structure produced by jiangsu jingkai zhongke superconducting high-tech co.Was used in the test.The magnetic flux density ranged from 0 to 5 t, and the pulsation frequency was adjustable from 0 to 50 hz.The inside diameter of the separation chamber was 102 mm.

  • High Superconducting High Gradient Magnetic

    Abstract this paper presents recent progress in the fabrication and test of a 3 t60 mm room temperature bore high- t c superconducting high gradient magnetic separator hgms using a solid nitrogen sn2 cooling system.The aim of the study was to develop an inexpensive, compact, and stable superconducting hgms for the purification of chemical-mechanical-planarization wastewater in the.

  • Recycling Of Abrasives From Wasted Slurry By

    The iron segments magnetize the abrasives in the mechanochemical process and thus reduce the cutting performance of the abrasives.Due to the iron segments presence the abrasives with poor cutting performance could be separated from the slurry by means of superconducting magnetic separator.After the magnetic separation a centrifugal separator.

  • Technology Of Superconducting Magnetic Separation

    The purification of such effluents by magnetic separation is performed by adding a certain proportion of iron salts.The treated effluent passes through a superconducting separator where the floes are retained in a matrix of steel wires.The efficiency of supraconducting high-gradient magnetic separation hgms by this method exceeds 95.

  • Superconducting Magnetic Separation

    Preconcentration of ultrafine ilmenite ore using a.As illustrated in fig 1 it consists of superconducting magnet system refrigerating system and separation system the superconducting magnet is an assembly of concentric components the separation area is a uniform magnetic field situated in the centre of the assembly the system which has no liquid helium boiloff is cooled by the refrigerator.

  • Testing Of A 5T High Gradient Superconducting

    5 t central field high-gradient superconducting magnetic separator hgms has been designed, fabricated, and tested at the institute of high energy physics, chinese academy of sciences.It has been developed for processing kaolin, to increase the brightness or whiteness whether it is for paper or ceramic applications.

  • High Tc Superconducting High Gradient Magnetic

    This paper presents recent progress in the fabrication and test of a 3 t60 mm room temperature bore high-t c superconducting high gradient magnetic separator hgms using a solid nitrogen sn2 cooling system.The aim of the study was to develop an inexpensive, compact, and stable superconducting hgms for the purification of chemical-mechanical-planarization wastewater in the semiconductor.

  • Practical Aspects Of High Gradient Magnetic

    Key words magnetic separation, dc superconducting electromagnet, high gradient magnetic separation, matrix separator introduction the phenomena of magnetism and magnetic behaviour of materials have allowed the process of magnetic separation to be successfully employed in industrial process-ing.

  • Research On Red Mud Treatment By A Circulating

    A circulating high-gradient superconducting magnetic separator was produced in this work.Steel wool was filled in the circulating boxes.The boxes were connected by two chains, which moved in and out the magnetic field by a drive motor.The efficiency of iron-rich rm separation by the superconducting magnetic separator was investigated.

  • Xinli Superconducting China Daily

    Xinli superconductings main products contain mri, superconducting magnetic separator, superconducting iron separator and others.The main technologies of such products, belong to high environmental energy saving products, all reach the international level and fill the domestic blank.

  • Superconducting Magnet For 60 Tonnehour

    Machines which use superconducting magnets to provide high fields and gradients for mineral separation.In the magnetic separator described here the field is used to divert mineral from its original path rather than to capture it as is usual in many other separators.

  • Pdf Superconducting Open Gradient Magnetic

    The superconducting open-gradient magnetic separator with magnetic force density up to 100 t2m and throughput of 200 kgh has been used for experiments with desulphurisation and general cleaning.

  • Superconducting Magnetic Separator Technology For

    The superconducting magnetic separator separates iron particles from sludge.Superconducting magnetic separator, technology for imparting magnetic properties superconducting magnetic separator flow for recovering valuable metals from plating wastewater magnetic chelating agent chelate desorption tank.

  • Paul Aeharrell Bsc Msc Phd Quantum Design

    A large-capacity superconducting magnetic separator on final test in 1997 the state-of-the-art in superconducting magnetic separation technology is represented by the shgms system by quantum design, inc.This system completely eliminates the need for liquid cryogens and requires only electrical power to function.The quantum design shgms system.

  • Superconducting High Gradient Magnetic Separation

    This type of machine is a high-gradient magnetic separator and the magnetic field is often generated by a powerful superconducting magnet.Quantum designs next generation shgms system is revolutionary in that it does not require any liquid cryogens to support its superconducting magnet.

  • Superconducting Magnetic Separators

    The phenomena of magnetism is well known.The way in which materials respond to a magnetic field can be predicted and the design of magnet systems is now regularly modelled on computer.The real step forward has been in the use of superconducting wire wound magnets that enable much higher fields to be generated.Conventional and familiar is the generation of a magnetic field by.

  • Superconducting Open Gradient Magnetic Separation For

    Anl superconducting open gradient magnetic separator.However, for a particular pu ash waste stream a good segregation was obtained with ogms and it is important to reevaluate the feasibility of magnetic separation with a higher field gradient system.However, before attempting to segregate radioactive waste streams, chemical and physical.

  • Ihep Openir

    A series of high gradient superconducting magnetic separator hgms for kaolin has been developed.It is used for processing kaolin to increase the brightness or whiteness whether it is.

  • Eriez Magnetic Separation

    Eriez permanent magnetic separators require no electric power.With proper care, they can last a lifetime with very little loss of magnetic field strength.Eriez permanent magnets are supplied for a wide range of applications including dry bulk materials, liquids or slurries and even high temperature applications.